Hi, I am Juha Morko

I am a WordPress freelancer Developer

Hi, I am Juha Morko‚Äč. I am a freelancer developer. I use WordPress when building websites. I can build a website for you or an ecommerce site for your business.

Little bit of me

About Me

I graduated from the University of Lapland Applied Sciences. I studied data processing in the business digitization group and in the BIT (business information technology) group, “BIT” studies were in English only.

My Skillset

WordPress development

From start to finish, a beautiful website.

Mobile Applications

Experience in mobile application development.

Code Review

Expert advise for consistent and secure code.

I offer full service

I also offer the ability to host your site directly on my servers. I offer affordable server disk space directly through me on fast servers. The servers all work within the EU.

need help with your project?

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